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Reclaim your life. The power i​s within you.

You deserve your best life and it’s within your power to achieve it. You may have encountered obstacles that hold you back. Whether it’s pain, anxiety or fear, you can resolve what has been limiting you and emerge lighter, freer, and able to create the life of your dreams. 

Susan can be your guide on this journey. Together, through ancient traditions and modern techniques, you’ll explore mind, body and spirit to find the answers that will work for you. It’s time to resolve old issues and discover the life you are meant to have.

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Susan Liesemer is the heart and soul behind Heart of the Matter. She can give you the tools you need to move beyond pain and fear and embrace true fulfillment. 

Susan addresses your whole self – body, mind, emotions, and spirit. You may be in physical pain or you may feel emotionally stuck. Sometimes there’s a problem that you just can’t name. Susan has the training and intuition to help you figure it out and move beyond it.

The power to change is within you. You just need the tools to unlock your gifts. Trust that together, you and Susan can get to the Heart of the Matter.

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"Susan is extraordinary! I initially went to see her for a difficult issue and I can happily confirm that the work we did together has completely changed my life for the better. She has gently guided me through everything I have ever brought to her with kindness, clarity, consciousness, and a keen insight that has often surprised the heck out of me. She has helped me to be the best me possible and I am extremely grateful."

Anne G.